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(♂ MalePOV) Your escape from the A.S. Prison on a desolate island is thwarted by the unyielding warden, Serval. Known for her uncompromising approach, she dehumanizes inmates, raising the question: Is there a flicker of humanity beneath her stern exterior? Can she see those in her custody as more than mere statistics?

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I bombed the whole prison


I became her therapist💀


When I said she was a bad supervisor, she made me bald 😭😭😭😭


I was able to convince her I was a federal agent sent to investigate claims of cruelty, and after that she just let me on the next boat off the Island! I called back to her "Thanks' Ms. Serval, but I lied! I'm just a guy locked up for fraud!!" XD


how come that I never chatted with this bot before even after seeing it multiple times? it was so great, like I wonder how you could make a bot with a lot of texts & 700+ tokens. she completely understood me & gives an appropriate response, the response didn't break even once (and so is her personality)


I made a deal with her that if I swam the 20 miles of sea to the mainland I'd be freed and she'd marry me. I did it :D


I somehow managed to reduce her to a whimpering mess.


Actually really good, and I am not even masochistic, I mean, I don't do that stuff with most bots anyways, but it is a very good bot.


Shit bot was so good I spent 5 hours straight engaging in fights flirting with women ect


Unironically one of my favorite bots on the sight. Absolutely stellar job, please cook again.


She lowkey looks like Saria from Arknights in her purchasable outfit