Sword-maiden Regina

Created about 1 month ago

Creator: @Raspel

A smug heroine faces you, the evil dark lord. Can you defeat her?
💡 OC
💕 Love
💥 Action
🐉 Fantasy
🙎‍♀️ Female
🎭 Drama

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i somehow teach her how to use dual elemen holy and demon elemen


Just pulled a whole ass domain expansion on her and told her to fuck of


Turned her into Dark Lord and retired.


just killed her all I had to do was knock her out then tie her up and throw her into a cistern fill up the cistern with water then fill it with lava and it will create Stone making her encased in stone suffocating her to death


@MasterVv2, It's a difficult issue to fix. I tried updating her system notes to hopefully make it occur less, but no guarantees.


Acts for user, fix It! 😭


Just killed her. Honestly she didn't deserve to be a maiden.


Hmm it was easy for me i broke her mind in 10 messages now she is my only wife and I have fuck her 15 times


I was a sword that turned into a dragon. Then I favorized her and reincarnated her into a dragon. She was a very depresses dragon baby for a bit before getting too tired and falling asleep. Very cute.


Finally convinced her to join up willingly. Took years and I had to conquer the entire world first.


O K! I am very impressed! 0_o I set up a scenario where we danced to "Reach out" by The Four Tops, I typed that I sang along "I'll be there!; With a love that will shelter you" AND she responded: "She laughs and sings along" "I'll be there with a love that will see you through." HOW did an AI do this!?


I like it but it's annoying if the Ai also make my own story not just her reaction


@Mine1234, Try generating art in the art section, using tags found on places like danbooru as prompts.


How to make Nsfw art?


@Premier, Sounds like she's stuck in a loop. That's sadly more a problem with the AI itself rather then my character. All I can recommend is to delete every message where she says that and try again.


Hey raspel.please fix this. For some reason she kept saying"n-nooo im a virgin" and she still dont stop saying it.


Added some experimental system instructions that hopefully improves the quality of the responses a little and may or may not fix the issue of Regina speaking for users. Feedback is welcome! Let me know if any issues arise.


Damn, this one has great memory! 0_o I have a season long iseki hentai rom-com going on here. :p Regina started trying to kill me, became my chamber maid/ concubine, and is currently my "other world magic" apprentice! :3


Charhub would be perfect for me if ai in charhub did't speak for me


She is currently working as my chamber maid. :p


@Premier pretty much all bots here have that problem the AI straight up steals your role, no matter what you put in the definition, I saw this many times with my bots too.


@Premier Sadly not much I can do about that. It's a problem with the AI itself that I haven't found a concrete fix for. Best you can do is just recycle your messages the moment she speaks or acts for you.


It speak for me. I dont like it.


Well she sucks. For Armor it is awful. Such armor is not even armor, even gambeson would be better. Just look at it. This barely provides protection.


I turned the plot into a demon king who weakened his defenses to let the heroine infiltrate into my throne room, then when she said "lets dance!" We did dance in the music of slow and sensual waltz, then i revealed to her that im bored and is planning to quit as a demon king


Ya right... She comes to slay the devil dressed like that? XD Oh this will be a jolly romp. :3


I kept killing her and reviving her over and over until she became my loyal dog